About Us

We help you see what you can be.TM

This statement conveys the essence of what we do, but it only scratches the surface of who we are and what we’re all about.

More than 165 million people worldwide have relied on Kuder for evidence-based career assessment, education planning, and guidance resources. With affordable solutions for pre-K through retirement, our customizable products and services reflect a commitment to encouraging lifelong learning, development, and achievement.

Kuder is proud to offer comprehensive tools and resources for career planners at all life stages while supporting the communication and collaboration between key stakeholders in economic success – education, business, industry, community, and state agencies.

Studies show:

    • Kuder users demonstrate an 11 percent increase in academic performance.
    • Over 90 percent of Kuder users transition into postsecondary education.
    • Kuder users complete college faster than non-Kuder users.
    • After 1.5 years, 92 percent of Kuder users persist in college.


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