Kuder has implemented over 12,000 sites domestically; more than 100 internationally.

Our process for customization begins and ends with YOU.

At Kuder, we realize the needs of our customers are unique and varied. That’s why we offer fully customizable products and services to meet your exact needs. Have something in mind but don’t know where to start? Talk with one of our experts today.

Custom-built Career Planning Systems 

We’ve created over 100 fully customized education and career planning systems or portals for schools, districts, colleges, and private organizations throughout the world. Flexible, scalable online systems that are powered by Kuder can be aligned with your specific requirements, standards, and branding. Whether it’s creating a portal page or a state or nationwide system, no request is too big or too small.

Sometimes all you need is to add a personal touch to give your site a unique look and feel. Kuder can incorporate your school, company, college, or state or national seal and colors into your own unique system entry page – a portal page. This custom-designed look helps promote your unique branding and messages to users.

Need something completely unique? We can build a customized system from the ground up, delivering a comprehensive online, one-stop shop for education and career exploration, planning, and development.

Why customize?
  • Provide more assessment options and content for all ages.
  • Organize resources by state or national clusters and educational standards.
  • Develop interactive exploration activities.
  • Integrate additional information databases.
  • Expand database management and reporting capabilities.