Research-Based Assessments

Our assessments are brief, but thorough – it takes 20 minutes to complete all three.

The Kuder assessments: a solid foundation on which to build plans and dreams.

Effective career exploration and planning starts with finding out what you like to do (interests), what you’re confident in doing (skills), and what’s important to you in the workplace (work values). Career assessment is the first – and by far the most critical – step in effective career exploration and planning.

The Kuder career assessments are widely regarded as best-in-class for their validity and reliability. Based on more than 75 years of ongoing research, our assessments provide accurate results that serve as a powerful springboard for career planning. While our assessments don’t define who you are or what your career should be, they’re extremely valuable in helping you narrow your search and consider options you may not have previously considered.

Learn about the science behind our assessments.



  • Each assessment takes between four and 10 minutes to complete.
  • Available in English and Spanish; can be translated into additional languages upon request.
  • Results can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, and email.
  • Can be started and paused for later completion.
  • Ideal for schools, career centers, and workforce development offices.
  • Customizable to your unique cluster or pathway systems.
  • Immediate scoring and reporting for administrators.

Kuder® Career Interests Assessment (KCIA)

The KCIA provides the opportunity to explore what you like to do – your interests – then generates an easy-to-read interest summary report that matches your results to specific career paths or clusters. It also features a unique component, Person Match, which scientifically aligns results with those of professionals whose results are similar to your own, and presents their career stories in a question-and-answer format.

Kuder® Skills Confidence Assessment (KSCA)

The KSCA asks you to rate tasks and activities according to the confidence you have in performing or acquiring that skill. This assessment is available in four versions to ensure results align with your organization or state career cluster system as well as your education and experience level. The KSCA is especially helpful in providing direction for exploring careers that are a good fit for your current abilities, identifying careers that will help you build on existing skills, and highlighting career clusters that match both your interests and skills.

Kuder® Work Values Assessment (KWVA)

Whether it’s high income, prestige, a sense of accomplishment, a pleasant environment, or something in between, learning what you value in the workplace is an important part of finding the right career. The KWVA shines light on these important factors and points you to careers with characteristics that best align with your specific work values.