Kuder Career Planning System

Students develop a positive view of self, while connecting the link between interests and school subjects.

Kuder Galaxy

Early career awareness for pre-K through grade five.

Kuder® Galaxy™ is a fun and educational career awareness system for students in pre-K through grade five. With activities that invite them to play, watch, do, and explore, the system is aligned with the U.S. National Core Curriculum standards and delivers developmentally appropriate content based on learning transitions.

The system’s flexible format empowers teachers and parents to provide a game-driven, interactive, and motivating experience. Galaxy seamlessly integrates into any school classroom or home setting.

Based on the learning transitions of young students, Galaxy is divided into three divisions:

  • Pre-K through second grade
  • Third and fourth grade
  • Fifth grade

Galaxy guides the path for students to complete activities at their own pace and progress through the system using self-selection. Each grade level contains activities that help students achieve program goals based on self-understanding and the world of work.


  • Simplifies career awareness into four action-based categories.
  • Supports differentiation through simple, self-guided exploration.
  • Meets National Career Development Association and American School Counselor Association early career awareness goals.
  • Aligned with the National Core Curriculum standards.
  • Graphical dashboards display real-time data for teachers to track student progress, areas of interest, completion of learning objectives, and more.
  • Gives parents access to their child’s interests as well as the career fields and core school subjects their child engages in most often.

Action-based categories invite students to Play, Watch, Do, and Explore.

  • Play: Educational games that spark career interests.
  • Watch: Videos and music bridging self-under­standing and careers.
  • Do: Downloadable activities stimulating learning.
  • Explore: Field trips, scavenger hunts, and experiments.