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Kuder Career Planning System

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Kuder Journey

Career planning for adults at all
life stages.

Whether it’s planning a career, making a career change, or keeping a career on track, Kuder® Journey™ adapts to support postsecondary students and adults as they navigate transitions. A flexible and scalable online career planning system, Journey responds to individual needs and addresses educational and career goals while providing accountability and real-time results.

The system’s scientifically validated career assessments measure interests, skills, and work values. It takes 20 minutes or less to complete all three, and results are mapped to the 6 Holland clusters. Sites that purchase a Journey license have the option of mapping results to the 16 National career clusters.

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  • Flexible to each user’s unique needs and situation.
  • Assessments ensure users consider career options that suit their interests, skills, and goals.
  • Helps postsecondary students make a shortlist of majors and narrow down occupations of interest.
  • Shareable e-Portfolio serves as a repository for résumés, cover letters, references, and more.
  • Database resources improve accountability, quantify success, and ease reporting.
  • Designed to ease transitions into the workforce.
  • Maximizes users’ time by prompting them through a series of steps.

Intuitive system tailors itself to each user

Journey users can identify specific needs and barriers and receive information and resources relevant to their current life stage and situation. Users select from several profiles including postsecondary student, first-time job seeker, career changer, veteran or active member of the military, adult with a disability, ex-offender, or retired person.