Kuder Career Planning System

An impressive 91 percent of students who use Navigator transition into postsecondary education.

Kuder Navigator

Reliable college and career guidance for secondary students.

Kuder® Navigator™ is an online education and career planning system that gives secondary students the tools they need to build a foundation for lifelong career success. The system’s scientifically validated career assessments help students in grades six through 12 learn about their personal interests, skills, and work values – and help narrow their education and career choices.

  • In 20 minutes or less, students can complete all three assessments and get instant access to results that provide critical insights for career exploration and planning.
  • Navigator enables students to create multi-year education plans aligned with their assessment results and future goals.

Navigator also gives students real-world skills such as how to write résumés and cover letters, how to research employers, and how to prepare for job interviews. Students can even create an electronic portfolio they may choose to share online with prospective colleges or employers. Educators are supported too, with a unique administrative database management system for tracking student progress and running detailed reports.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Navigator Download a Navigator Flier


  • Helps students assess, explore, plan, and transition.
  • Delivers simple content customized by developmental level.
  • Provides a reliable foundation for career exploration with research-based assessments.
  • Helps students navigate career options and make relevant connections between coursework and the world of work.
  • Supports high school completion and confident college choices with flexible education planning tools.
  • Promotes effective career preparation by introducing students to lifelong portfolio development.
  • Improves accountability, quantifies program success, and eases reporting requirements.

Accountability resources show real-time results

With the Kuder®Administrative Database Management System™ included in Navigator, educators are provided tools for tracking individual progress and aggregate trends, managing curriculum and coursework, communicating with students and their parents, and more.