Adult Job Seekers

Don’t postpone the career of your dreams. Find it today.

Each job seeker faces unique challenges. At Kuder, we’re committed to helping all adults – including those in college or new to the job market, career changers, the unemployed, veterans and military personnel, the disabled, ex-offenders, and retirees – find a pathway to a satisfying career.

Career planning is a lifelong process that starts by learning about yourself – what you like doing (interests), what you’re good at (skills), and what’s important to you in a work environment (values). Kuder’s  research-based career assessments  accurately report results on all three – giving you valuable information to set the stage for the next steps, including exploring options, setting goals, and taking action.

Searching for education and training to help you climb the ladder of success? Want to create a lifelong electronic portfolio that shows all you can offer? Need to start a résumé from scratch but need assistance? With comprehensive tools and resources tailored to your individual needs, Kuder offers the support you can count on to plan a career, make a career change, or keep your career on track.