The Kuder Local Needs Assessment

Introducing the Kuder Local Needs Assessment 

We’re excited to announce that the new Kuder® Local Needs Assessment™ (KLNA) is now available for clients seeking a seamless way to measure the effectiveness of their CTE, college and career readiness, or career development programs through a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative survey and analysis.

What is the KLNA? 

The KLNA captures stakeholder perspectives through a series of online surveys containing questions tailored to each group’s unique perspectives to gather feedback on what they feel are their most important needs and challenges. The results of the surveys can then be used by career development program leaders to guide future action.

“The KLNA offers a point-in-time snapshot that assesses all aspects of a career development program and its context,” said Rich Gates, chief product officer for Kuder.

“The KLNA identifies a program’s strengths, weaknesses, and the areas in which improvement may be called for. Identifying areas that show the most potential for improvement an essential first step toward identifying strengths while also addressing weaknesses,” said Gates.

The KLNA aligns with international career development best practices. 

The KLNA incorporates concepts from National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG) Framework as well as concepts from international policies and initiatives, including (but not limited to) The Australia Blueprint for Career Development by the Australian Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs; and Guidelines for Policies and Systems Development for Lifelong Guidance, a Reference Framework for the EU and for the Commission by the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network.

“Every CTE, college and career readiness, or career development program has goals and objectives,” said Abby Stickel, senior business intelligence analyst for Kuder. “The KLNA helps define those goals and objectives, and gathers everyone together to work toward achieving them.”

Make Kuder your local needs assessment partner.

The KLNA at a glance:

  • Kuder facilitates comprehensive surveys to gather and compare feedback from students, parents, educators, and businesses/community members. The KLNA includes 30 questions targeted to each stakeholder group, with the option to add 10 customized questions for each stakeholder group.
  • Pre- and post-evaluations of survey items are cross-walked across each stakeholder group.
  • The Kuder KLNA team reviews survey feedback and compiles a report that provides a useful picture of the client’s CTE, college and career readiness, or career development program’s present state and needs. Specifically, the report identifies themes and calls out areas to be addressed as suggested by data analysis.
  • Clients draw on the KLNA report to develop action plans; align and integrate results into their strategic goals; strengthen internal collaboration; initiate improvements; and demonstrate the potential impact of their CTE, career readiness, or career development programs.

KLNA Student Survey Sample

KLNA Survey Sample

KLNA Report Samples

KLNA Reporting Sample

KLNA Reporting Sample

A new requirement of Perkins V is the completion of a local needs assessment. To find out how the KLNA can be used to fulfill this requirement, or to learn more about the KLNA, contact

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