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MyCareerShines, powered by Kuder® is a suite of age-appropriate online tools that allow students and job seekers in Florida to develop a personalized plan that connects interests, skills and education to careers and jobs. 

Powered by Kuder since 2016

Project Overview

MyCareerShines prepares Floridians with the knowledge, skills and tools to succeed in school and the increasingly competitive global economy. The customized system includes Kuder Galaxy® for students in pre-K through five, Kuder Navigator® for students in grades 6-12, and Kuder Journey® for postsecondary students and adults.

In Their Own Words

A  teacher with Miami-Dade County Public Schools and a student success coach with Bethune-Cookman University share their MyCareerShines stories.

MyCareerShines Best Practice"MyCareerShines has resulted in many aha moments for my students." 

I teach the course “Personal, Career, and School Developmental Skills,” which is designed to assist in preparing high school students with the soft and life skills practices needed to prepare them for future careers and further education. While learning the skills and practicing is extremely important in laying the foundation for success, the implementation of MyCareerShines, powered by Kuder® has proven to be the missing link my students needed.

Whether it was after completing the career assessments that gave students insight to career paths aligned with unspoken passions, or when they learned how to explore, compare, and contrast educational costs, or maybe when they gained the ability to seek employment opportunities according to “trending up or down” job feature, the impact of MyCareerShines has resulted in many aha moments for my students.

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Educator uses MyCareerShines in classroom with students.
"Here it was, a software that would do what my team and I envisioned."

As a student success coach at a four-year institution, our ultimate goal is to retain our new students — turning freshmen into sophomores and sophomores into juniors. Sounds simple, right? But so much more goes into it. We have a large population of students who start their college journey minimally prepared and uninformed. .

Wasn't there a software out there that could identify what these particular students liked to do, and what they might excel in to start the conversation and lay the groundwork for the student? That's where MyCareerShines, powered by Kuder, and Maggie Miller, lead trainer for MyCareerShines, came in. Here it was, this free software that would do what my team and I envisioned – help our students in their major exploration and career decisions. It was truly an answered prayer.

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The Academic & Economic Returns of MyCareerShines

The Academic & Economic Returns of MyCareerShines

Utilizing labor market data, census data, and secondary research, this report demonstrates how improvements in academic completion facilitated by use of MCS has led to economic gains in the form of greater earning potential and standard of living for students.


“Having every middle school student in Seminole County Public Schools use MyCareerShines has had a very positive impact on how students learn about themselves, careers and the future of work. They are able to design their career pathway using this amazing platform.”

Michelle Orozco

Seminole County Public Schools

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