The National Urban League 

Project Ready Post-Secondary
Success Program

The National Urban League partners with Kuder to provide select network affiliates with an online career planning system to support students they serve in grades 9-12 who are transitioning to further education, particularly in technology and STEM-related careers.

Project Ready Post-Secondary Success Program, powered by Kuder®

Powered by Kuder since 2012

Serves 2,000+ students and administrators

Project Overview

The Project Ready Post-Secondary Success Program started as pilot with three National Urban League affiliates in 2007. In 2011, with the support of BP and the Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, the National Urban League expanded Project Ready to include an enhanced STEM pilot. While college access is one of the Project Ready Post-Secondary Success Program’s overarching goals, helping students understand their career interests is a main priority as well.

The Kuder assessments enable students to discover their interests, skills, and work values relevant to potential careers, and set the stage for selecting college majors and best-fit colleges. A key strength of this approach is its focus on strengthening urban youth’s diverse academic and social assets, all the while encouraging the kind of local innovation and customization that best serves affiliates’ wider ranged goals of propelling positive impact on family and community.

Darlene Marlin, Senior Director

“As one of our affiliate directors recently put it, by using the Kuder system, we aren’t working harder, we’re working smarter. It’s not a mundane activity; it’s for students and about students.”

Darlene Marlin, Senior Director

National Urban League

The Kuder Solution

Kuder Navigator Icon

Kuder Navigator®

Our career planning system enables the National Urban League to offer students the opportunity to complete career assessments; explore occupational choices, education and training resources, state-developed tools, and financial aid and scholarship options; and create and maintain a lifelong career portfolio.

System Training

System Training

Our practical, informal training sessions are conducted by a certified Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) and are attended by participating National Urban League affiliate staff on a regular basis.

Career Advisor Training Icon

Kuder Career Advisor Training®

Our professional development course helps increase the capacity of participating National Urban League affiliate staff in supporting students as they go about their education and career planning. The course covers a broad set of competencies including career development theories, models, and techniques; career assessment interpretation, labor market and occupational trends, and code of ethics. 

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