Rwanda Career Planning System, powered by Kuder®

The Rwanda Ministry of Education partnered with Kuder to implement a nationwide education and career guidance system to effectively align Rwanda’s students with best-suited careers and to support parents as they engage in the career development process.

Project Overview

The Rwanda Ministry of Education issued an RFP in 2013 to procure a school-based, comprehensive and nationwide system of career guidance in Rwandan schools at grades 1, 3 and 6.

The Ministry of Education selected Kuder to develop the online system, as well as a national career guidance model and scalable professional development as part of the nation’s reform initiatives to bring about improvements to skilled human capital, streamline the pathways from education to careers, and set the stage for establishing a workforce equipped to compete in a global economy.

Kuder conducted professional development courses and system training sessions throughout Rwanda to ensure program sustainability. 

Dr. Musafiri Papias Malimba

“[Students’] wishes, dreams, aspirations are kept alive until when they graduate, and after graduation they will be doing something they love doing most, [which] will increase productivity in whatever they do. When you increase productivity you spur economic growth and development.”

Dr. Musafiri Papias Malimba

Rwanda Minister of Education

The Kuder Solution

Kuder® Career Needs Assessment

Our faculty administered a needs assessment across 90 secondary schools throughout the country to evaluate stakeholders' awareness, acceptance, and application of career guidance. The outcome data informed strategic plans for the system's development and implementation.  

Kuder Navigator® 

Our career planning system enables Rwandan students to complete career assessments; explore occupational choices, education and training resources; find scholarships and grants; and create and maintain a lifelong career portfolio.


Our research faculty engaged with subject matter experts to localize the Kuder assessments and to develop a robust and culturally-sensitive system that could accommodate diverse school settings and drive forward Rwanda’s goals related to fostering a technology-based society.

Kuder Career Advisor Training® 

Our professional development course helps increase the capacity of Rwanda's educators in supporting students as they go about their education and career planning. The course covers a broad set of competencies including career development theories, models, and techniques; career assessment interpretation, labor market and occupational trends, and code of ethics. 

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