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It's that time of year where we reflect on all of the things we're thankful for. In today’s post, Kuder associates share 20 reasons why we’re thankful for working here.

Our fun, family-like atmosphere.

1. A team that is professional but likes to laugh and have fun … and a company that appreciates its employees and does little things to show it.- Lee

2. The family-like atmosphere and the relationships we build. – Katie

3. The beauty of being part of a small company. It allows us to all know one another and build good relationships. – Shirley

4. Kuder cares about students and their opportunities to learn what they want to be. – Amanda
5. The small-town feel. It’s nice to be able to get to know everyone and have the president of the company stop by and say hi. – Stephanie

Our strong mission and values.

6. [Kuder] is about changing the lives of people around the world.- Teri

7. The lives we touch. –Dora

8. [Our] strong mission and values. – Abby

9. This company believes in giving back … It's a great feeling to come to work every day and know you are helping to make an impact, not only in education, but the world around us. – Becky

10. Kuder is a company with integrity and a long tradition of scientific research to back our products. – Amy

Our unique approach.

11. People that genuinely care about each other and our clients and are willing to do whatever it takes to help others. – Vanessa

12. We are able to harness our strengths in a unique way toward a shared goal: helping others to see what they can be. – Abby

13. Team members are passionate leaders, forward thinkers, and pillars of their community. Our products are innovative, our clients are supportive, and our employee culture is unmatched. – Laura

14. Employees are considered the most valuable asset. – Charlie

Our passion and growth.

15. There's never a dull moment to be had! – Steve

16. The passion and variety that we all get to experience in our work every day. – Erika

17. [It’s a] growing company with lots to do! – Lee

Last but not least ...

18. The incredible health care benefits … the supportive friends and associates. – Erika

19. Associates share home-baked treats with abundance, and there is no shortage of popcorn in the kitchen. – Amy

20. Apart from the occasional tractor, there are no traffic jams in Adel! – Jesse

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