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The New York Times has introduced “Vocations” as a new feature in the Sunday business section, and I'm quite impressed. “Vocations” is a series in which people are interviewed about their jobs, and it is not unlike the format of the Person Match career stories in the Kuder Career Interests Assessment® (KCIA). Person Match was developed by the late Dr. Frederic Kuder in the late 1970s.

If you're not familiar with Person Match, after you complete the KCIA, you receive four Person Match career stories of people whose assessment results are similar to your own.

Why? Because Kuder is committed to providing students and adults with real information and real results when it comes to their education and career planning. So, Person Match is all about real people and their real career stories.

Each Person Match story reveals a back story filled with lucky breaks and missteps, perseverance and sacrifices resulting in a rewarding career.

So far, “Vocations” includes interviews with about a dozen individuals in interesting and diverse occupational roles. There's a Hollywood dry cleaner who is described as a “spot remover for the stars,” a “fit model,” size unspecified, for a major women's clothing manufacturer, and a “culinologist,”a research chef who develops food products.

Another describes a customer service specialist for a maker of radar detection devices for automobile drivers, whose job is responding to telephone inquiries from people having problems with their detection devices. He seems to have no established working hours, just all the time, nights, weekends, even holidays. He says, “I love talking to people who love cars as much as I do.”

Whatever your role – student, parent, teacher, school counselor, career counselor, career coach,  career advisor, postsecondary student, adult job-seeker or career changer – I encourage you to read up on the “Vocations” and Person Match career stories, because you will be sure to gain insights and find yourself inspired in some way.

What’s your career story?

Have you found success in your career? If so, what steps (or missteps) have you taken along the way? Perhaps you’re embarking on your first job, or you’re exploring a new opportunity. What’s your career story? Share it with us! Email


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