Frustrated at Work

Though you may be working in your dream career, for your ideal employer, or in a role that you've dreamed about since you were a kid, you still might experience some frustrations in the workplace. If this happens and before you take any drastic precautions, visit your human resources (HR) department. Frustration is normal and not every job is perfect.

HR is not only responsible for managing your work benefits, hiring new employees, and conducting orientation. They do so much more than that. Meet with your HR representative to discuss any issues you may have regarding the following:

  • Salary.
  • Promotional opportunities.
  • A supervisor or colleague.
  • Company policies.
  • Organizational processes and procedures.
  • Paid Time Off (PTO), vacation time, and sick days.
  • Corporate communication.
  • Company culture.
  • Workplace safety.

Remember that everything you discuss with an HR professional is confidential (unless you're in violation of the law or company policy), especially as it pertains to your personal information. HR is a sounding board as well as a resource for reliable tips and advice that you can use to help you work through frustrations.

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This article first appeared in the Kuder Blog July 29, 2014 

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