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Whether you started the year with a list of career resolutions or recently developed a new set of goals for yourself, summer is a great time to check in on your progress and take stock of what you’ve accomplished, what you’ve yet to achieve, and any challenges you’re facing that might be holding you back.

1. Review your goals.

Take a moment to evaluate your goals while asking yourself:

  • Are my goals still worth pursuing? 
  • Is it time to refine my goals?
  • Am I still motivated to pursue my goals? Why or why not?

If you aren’t motivated to pursue your goals, it’s time to reassess whether they’re still in line with your current priorities or life circumstances. Are your expectations still the same? Do your goals still serve a purpose?

2. Take a pulse check.

Are you on track to achieve your goals by the deadlines you set for yourself? Review your pace and ask yourself:

  • What milestones have I reached? Am I celebrating and recording my achievements?
  • Am I moving faster or slower than anticipated in reaching my goals?
  • If I’m right on track, are there new goals that I can take on right now?

If you find you’re falling short on your progress, take a look at what’s holding you back. Based on your professional and personal obligations, is your timeline for achieving your goals realistic?  If necessary, adjust your timeline.

3. Seek support.

Are you tapping into your support network to help achieve your goals? Think about the people in your professional network and ask yourself:

  • Have I developed positive partners to help me reach my goals?
  • Am I checking in with members of my network on a frequent basis?
  • Am I working to expand my support network?

When it comes to setting and achieving personal goals, there will inevitably be a few bumps along the way. That’s why it’s critical that you build and maintain a network of positive partners in your journey to help you stay positive and point you in the right direction.

4. Consider your next steps. 

Establishing a schedule for personal reviews is more important than ever once you’ve reached mid-year. Look ahead to the future and ask yourself:

  • Have I set a date for my next personal review to check in on my progress?
  • What are some things I can do to help stay motivated to achieve my goals?
  • Are my goals on my daily to-do list in line with my annual or lifelong goals?

Make the second half of the year as productive as possible by developing ways in which you can accelerate your progress and make significant strides. Visualize yourself a year from now: you’ve reached your current goals, you’re reaping the rewards, and you’re pursuing a whole new set of goals. What does that look like to you?

Mid-Year Review Resources

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Amy Khokhar

Amy Khokhar serves as editor of the Kuder Blog. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Colby College and is a National Career Development Association Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) and Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP).

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