Job seekers: are you overlooking one of the best free resources out there? Sure, you’re leveraging LinkedIn, job search engines, networking events, your local workforce or one-stop job center and Kuder® Coach™. But what about your local library?

For education, jobs, or lifelong learning, the resources at your library can transform your life. How? Savvy job seekers are taking advantage of their local library as a quiet and peaceful setting where they can make great progress without investing a single penny.

Use free resources to help you land your next job.

Libraries provide  job seekers with access the Internet to set up email accounts, search for jobs, contact employers, computers to complete job applications and write resumes; books for reading up on  enhance employability skills; events for meeting up with like-minded professionals; and more. Some libraries even have career centers and makerspaces.

Expand your horizons and take your career to the next level.

Whether you're looking to change jobs, you're unemployed, or you're ready to take your career to the next level, pay a visit to your local library, where you'll find:

  • Books and references on job hunting, job search prep, and leadership.
  • Resume writing, computer literacy, and public speaking workshops.
  • Online skill-building tools (test prep, languages, computer programs, and more).
  • Connections to special interest groups and job clubs.
  • A wealth of information and support from the original search engines: librarians.

Check out your local library today.

So job seekers, do yourselves a favor – go to your local library today and spend some quality time there. Need help finding one near you? Here's a directory of public libraries.

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