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Career happiness = life happiness.

People everywhere, regardless of their line of work or location in the world, can surely agree that our happiness in life depends very much on our happiness in our work.

When your job is so unsatisfying that you literally count down the minutes until the end of your workday, it makes for a miserable existence. But when your job makes you feel valued and fulfilled, it affects your whole life in a tremendously positive way.

According to Dr. JoAnn Harris-Bowlsbey, executive director of product development for Kuder, “Because paid employment consumes about one-third of our waking hours, our level of satisfaction with it has tremendous influence on our overall life satisfaction and mental health.

Those who work at Kuder have always considered it a “top workplace,” and since we have to work somewhere, we're especially grateful to be working here. So as you can imagine, we’re excited to say it's official: Kuder has been awarded a 2016 Top Workplaces honor by The Des Moines Register!

What does this recognition mean for Kuder employees?

It means we feel like the work we're doing makes a difference. It means we believe our day-to-day tasks contribute to a clear vision of where Kuder is going.

It means we feel appreciated. Simply put, it means we love it here! Check out these comments from the Top Workplaces surveys:

“It’s always a fun at Kuder and I wouldn’t trade my job for the world!” 

The work we do has a positive impact on the lives of people all around the world, providing the opportunity for true potential to be discovered.”

“At Kuder, people are the focal point of everything we do both internally and externally.”

What does this recognition mean for YOU?

Job satisfaction and feeling appreciated impacts employees on an emotional level. It increases motivation, self-esteem, and even overall health and well-being.

This all translates to low absenteeism and turnover rates, high productivity, and increased levels of employee engagement. When employees feel appreciated, it also has an effect on how teams operate, and ultimately, how a company performs. Basically, it's the glue that holds us all together.

So, for you — our valued partners, clients, and friends — we hope our Top Workplace recognition confirms what you already know about the people who work at Kuder: that we’re here for the right reasons, we love what we do, we believe in Kuder's vision and mission, and we know the products and services we offer make a real difference in the lives of people all over the world.

Thank you for the important role you play in making our work such a pleasure.

Click here to learn more about the Top Workplaces program.

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