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One of my favorite things about watching the Olympics is all of the background information we get to learn about the athletes. And because I work at Kuder, my ears tend to perk up when details about an athlete's career or “day job” are shared. Here's just some of what I have learned so far about several members of Team USA while watching coverage from Rio.

How Some Olympic Athletes Pay the Bills


Michelle Carter

Track and Field Athlete and Make-Up Artist

The fact that this shot put star is known for her make-up being on-point shouldn't come as a surprise — she's a certified professional make-up artist! And on top of that, she founded a sports confidence camp for girls called You Throw Girl. Seriously, how much do you love that name?

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Kerron Clement

Track and Field Athlete and Model

This hurdles standout from La Porte, Texas is a talented photographer and has worked as a runway model. And, you can see him in Beyonce’s Run the World (Girls) music video.

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Steve Kasprzyk

Rowing Athlete and Engineer

This New Jersey native is not only a two time Olympian (we first saw him in London back in 2012), but he's has also been working as a chemical engineer since graduating from Drexel University in 2005. Quite the overachiever, that Steve Kasprzyk!

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Alex Naddour

Gymnastics Athlete and Realtor

If you live in the Gilbert, Arizona area and are in need of a new home, Alex is your guy. When he's not in the gym working on his superhuman arm strength, he's helping people though the home buying and selling process as a licensed realtor.

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John Nunn

Track and Field Athlete and Baker

When he isn't representing our country in the 50k Race Walk (yes, that's a real event … who knew?) he co-owns Ella's Cookie Company with his daughter. Together, they ship white chocolate chip red velvet cookies anywhere in the U.S. Yum!


Briana Provancha

Sailing Athlete and Shoe Salesperson

While training for the games, Provancha was a part-time retail sales associate at Cole Haan. According to her official bio (linked above), she got her job through the Team USA Career Program, which “helps connect employers to a pipeline of dedicated, focused and world-class athletes committed to teamwork and excellence. By offering flexible – yet meaningful – job opportunities, employers can play an important role in helping athletes transition from being an Olympian to a valuable member of the workforce.” Awesome!

While some athletes are paid through corporate sponsorships and endorsement contracts, or transition to roles as coaches or commentators in retirement, the Team USA members above have funded their gold medal dreams with a range of impressive jobs that, although not in the field of athletics, still reflect their career interests, skills, and values.

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