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As a senior in high school I’ve been on the hunt for college scholarships because we all know school doesn’t come cheap. I know there are a lot of scholarships out there, but it’s hard finding those that apply to me.

Most of the scholarships that I’ve found have a lot of requirements to apply and a small amount of return.

After school one day, I learned that my mom had signed me up for a scholarships website. The site was supposed to help me find scholarships that applied to me and that I was eligible for. But after filling out my credentials, I found that a substantial number of the scholarships didn’t list how to apply and the requirements. It was frustrating, to say the least.

When I started my senior year I was introduced to Kuder Navigator®, which actually showed me how to search for scholarships. I was a little apprehensive given my previous experiences, but as I started to set my search criteria, I knew that this website was different. The information they ask is relevant and tailored to you. Each scholarship that I clicked on fit my description, background requirements, desired amount, and contained direct links to the scholarship’s website. I felt hopeful that I would be able to acquire some money to pay for school. In total, I found over 250 scholarships throughout the country that meet my search criteria. Pretty sweet, right?

Here are my tips for finding the scholarships you want:

  • Utilize https://navigator.kuder.com.
  • Know your qualifications (grades, activities, etc.).
  • Check the college you want to go to and see if they have any scholarships.
  • Look both locally and nationally.
  • Use the Internet and talk to your guidance counselor.
  • Don’t get discouraged.
  • Apply, apply, apply. Capitalize on any and all opportunities to acquire money for school.
  • Keep track of deadlines.

This article first appeared in the Kuder Blog December 16, 2013

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