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As high school graduation season approaches, many parents are preparing to bid farewell to their college-bound children. So we thought it would be a good time to chat with our school-to-work intern Hannah Hoth – a senior with less than a month to go before she graduates – and her parents Fred and Cheryl Hoth about all things college and career.

What would you say is the most important thing parents can do to support their child's career readiness?

Fred: Provide them with the opportunity to determine their own future and provide the resources (education, equipment, time) to prepare for it.

Cheryl: Be encouraging of their interest while exposing them to different opportunities.

Hannah: My parents have been very supportive of my passions and interests. They’ve helped guide me through making different decisions through life that would help me find a career path. This goes all the way back to even choosing elective classes in middle school. Then when high school hit, they encouraged me to take business classes to get me one step ahead.

Tell us about your family’s approach to career awareness.

Fred: We encouraged her to try different jobs and internships [like the school-to-work position at Kuder] to get a feel for the different options of interest.

Cheryl: Through [helping Hannah select] classes in school and letting her spend time at an office with me when she was younger.

Hannah: Every so often on weekends, my mom would take my sister and me to her office to help her with administrative work such as filing, making copies, and other tasks. My parents’ encouragement to sign up for internship programs in school was a big [influence] and exposed me to different career paths.

What was the college selection process like?

Fred: Fairly straightforward; she did not want a big school and found the Iowa private colleges too small. The University of Northern Iowa was a good size fit with the right program.

Cheryl: We visited different types of colleges and visited with different staff and students of those schools.

Hannah: I started off by making a list of things in a college that were a must for me. But after visiting a small private college I knew [that setting] was not for me. We then looked at the University of Northern Iowa – a medium size school. I fell in love with it and since they had a great business and marketing programs, I applied.

What’s your outlook as far as a future career?

Fred: I am confident. When Hannah wants [something], she goes after it with an internal drive and a high level of passion. She will also work hard to prepare herself for her future.

Cheryl: Yes – Hannah shows good leadership skills and confidence while choosing a broad major with a lot of opportunities.

Hannah: I’m pretty confident I’ll land in my field of study, as I plan on majoring in a pretty wide and growing field of marketing. Also, having experience in this field already through internships in high school will help as well. I’ve been able to build a resume that looks pretty impressive as a high school student! I’ll also continue to network through college.

Has Kuder Navigator® helped narrow down career options?

Hannah: Most definitely it has helped me. I took the Kuder assessments [for the first time] in the eighth grade. After starting my internship at Kuder, I took the assessments again and my top results in the Kuder Skills Confidence Assessment were Marketing Management and Marketing Communications. After seeing these results I giggled and thought to myself, Good thing I haven’t been wasting my time interning in the field!

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