We recently had a conversation with our school-to-work intern Hannah – a high school senior with just a few weeks to go before she graduates – and her parents Fred and Cheryl about all things college and career. We enjoyed it so much we asked them to share their thoughts on Hannah’s internship at Kuder and its impact on her college readiness and career development.

In what ways does the school-to-work internship program at Kuder help prepare students for college and career?


I feel the Kuder internship has been valuable for Hannah in three primary ways.

First, the internship has provided her the opportunity to broaden her skill set by working with new tools (e.g. video software) on a variety of projects. She was assigned meaningful initiatives which provided her the opportunity to think creatively and critically.

Second, my perception is that Kuder is a very interactive company where open communication is encouraged. This has provided Hannah the opportunity to develop her soft skills in a professional environment.

Finally … I have learned that [Kuder] is a high quality company where associates are valued. In the future as Hannah looks at future employers, I think it important for her to understand what makes a good company not only successful, but a great place to work. Kuder has provided Hannah with a benchmark for other companies to be measured by.


It has given her a wonderful experience with an opportunity to collaborate with others and show her possibilities. It has also given her more confidence. Kuder is a great company with good values. This is really important to Hannah.


I've learned that the marketing field is the field for me; I will not go in to college wasting a whole bunch of money trying to figure out what field I want to go into and changing my major multiple times.

Also, I've been able to build tons of relationships that someday could help get me a job in the future. I would recommend for everyone to participate in an internship program because it puts you one step ahead.

Fred and Cheryl, what advice do you have for Hannah as she transitions from high school to college?

Fred: Never stop growing by experiencing new things and challenging yourself.

College provides a wealth of options to get involved in different activities and organizations. While studies and grades are certainly important and foundational, they are not the end-all.

And while there is typically a path of least resistance you can take in college, continue to challenge yourself, it is how you grow.

Finally, enjoy the journey and take away from it as much as you can.


Continue to stay involved and connected to groups or organizations within the college that will give her opportunities to continue to grow her organization, communication and leadership skills.

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