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Yesterday, Pope Francis visited a correctional facility in Philadelphia, where he was presented with a chair built by prison inmates who learned carpentry through a vocational education program.

Programs like this give offenders real-life work experiences, equip them with transferable job skills, and help prepare them for post-release reentry and employment. In short, they offer hope for the future.

Career Resources for Ex-Offenders

Ex-offenders face a unique set of challenges when they attempt to reenter the workforce. Here are some resources that can help:

Kuder offers the following career resources for ex-offenders:

  • Kuder Journey® is an effective solution for individual ex-offenders and workforce reentry programs because it provides special tools tailored to ex-offenders such as the ability to specify needs and barriers to employment, links to helpful networks and organizations, and resume tips.
  • Kuder Coach® offers youth and adults – including ex-offenders – confidential, real-time support to help set and achieve career goals, prep for interviews, and identify ways to develop employability skills.


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