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New to the workforce? Got questions? Here's help.

The prospect of facing your first “real” job search can be daunting. It takes guts, stamina, and a whole lot of preparation to successfully pull it off. Luckily there’s a free resource called that can save you time and reduce the stress of it all.

The nonprofit HR Policy Association created Jobipedia as a community service designed for entry-level job seekers seeking honest advice to support their path to employment. The site is also a great place for soon-to-be college grads, recent college grads, and workers in the process of transitioning from entry-level to mid-level positions.

"The advice and answers provided on the site are straight from the source," says Henry D. Eickelberg, chief operating officer of the HR Policy Association.

Ask an expert, search for career advice.

Jobipedia engages experts from major U.S. employers like American Express, Caterpillar, Inc., Gap, Inc., and Merck, who meet and interview prospective hires on a regular basis. Experts tackle topics such as career planning, internships, interviewing, networking, salaries, and resumes through the site’s Q&A archive, blog, and e-books.

Visitors are welcomed to the site with options to submit a question, browse featured topics, search for career advice from their database of approximately 5,000 pre-answered questions, and more.

Questions are typically about preparing for a first interview: What are employers looking for in a LinkedIn summary? Will employers really look at my Twitter account and Facebook page? What are the key things to avoid saying or doing during an interview?

Newly minted members of the workforce will find answers to pressing questions like: How long should I wait after starting a job to ask for vacation time? What's the classiest way to leave a first job? Is it OK to have a drink at a business lunch?

A job board and resume builder help kick-start your first job search.

Eickelberg says he encourages Jobipedia’s visitors take advantage of the site’s additional resources, including a secure job board and resume generator.

  • is a free job board that gives visitors the chance to connect with current employment opportunities at some of America's largest companies.
  • Jobipedia’s Resume Generator is a tool that hiring managers, recruiters, and talent acquisition experts from Fortune 500 companies helped develop. It’s designed for anyone in need of a resume for an internship or entry-level job.

Some parting words of wisdom …

What’s Eickelberg’s advice for young job candidates? “Talk up your critical thinking skills,” he says. “The best employees are solving problems in a critical manner. They're thinking about how they can improve things or make things better in the future. They’re not just doing what I’m asking them to do, but thinking about it and maximizing their contribution – and knowing why their role is important in the broader context.”

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