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During these unprecedented times, students that used to thrive in a face-to face classroom setting have lost their passion for learning. This can be due to many obstacles causing disengagement. Students have reported feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically disconnected from their once familiar learning environment. More often now than in previous years, students have claimed they have trouble relating their educational experiences to what they imagine their futures to be. It is without a semblance of doubt that the ongoing global pandemic has taken a serious toll on our students’ optimism towards academic success, college readiness and career exploration.  

“The pandemic provided the tipping point that led many students to the conclusion that continued education is not meaningful or even relevant to their futures.”Dr. Spencer Niles 

Dr. Spencer Niles serves as a counselor and professor of education. He is highly regarded and awarded in his field of career planning and development for his many years of expertise and personal contributions to the profession.  

How to Revive Student Engagement in Education 

By shifting your focus to student engagement in a virtual classroom or face-to-face setting, you can inspire, encourage, and advocate for your students during a time when they need it most. It is so imperative to model optimism for your students by expounding on their strengths and talents to help them build a genuine interest in their future college and career goals.  

Students need to be reminded that they have what it takes to succeed. When they are given more resources and support to be successful in their education, it will spur good self-esteem as well as a healthy boost of confidence - that will in turn revive their passion for learning.  

Adjusting to a New Normal 

Life for students will not be returning to “normal” any time soon. Giving them the tools that they need to explore future career possibilities can evoke a desire to investigate college and career readiness. Students cannot wait to receive the training and education needed to prepare for their futures. This may seem like a daunting task but rest assured Kuder has a wealth of career guidance knowledge and resources available to support these students, and to support you. To learn more, visit our Student Engagement Resources page today to get started.  

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