As a retired educator, I've always enjoyed having one week each year devoted to teacher appreciation. In my 33 years of teaching, I was fascinated by the many ways students, parents, administrators, school board members, and community members celebrated this special time.

Over the years, there was recognition through school announcements and in the local paper and the much appreciated (and greatly enjoyed) treats in the teacher workroom. I also received other nice things, including packages from various parent organizations.

What I remember most was a note from a parent expressing appreciation for my work.  Even more meaningful were the times I received a special comment, note, or treat from an appreciative student. Many times this would come from a student whom you would expect, but occasionally it came from a student whom you did not expect – which was even more meaningful.

One of the best things about this week is that it makes me remember when someone took the time to express appreciation for something we did as teachers. For me, some of the best comments I received were for making a student feel special or for teaching a “life” lesson.

This week always helps me remember that each teacher is special and impacts the lives of so many people. I had the privilege of working with educators who were able to connect with students who really needed someone to believe in them and encourage them to become successful. From one retired educator to all those out there still in the profession, I wish you the very best during this exceptional week!

Click here for ideas on how you can celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, today through May 9, 2014.

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Charlie Winterboer

Charlie Winterboer spent 33 years teaching high school math, middle school math, and middle school general music prior to joining Kuder. As a senior client engagement specialist, he draws on this experience by providing online training and customer support for teachers, counselors and administrat ... read more