Asia Pacific
Dr. JoAnn Harris-Bowlsbey and I attended the Asia Pacifica Career Development Association (APCDA) conference from May 19-21, 2014, with a purpose: to demonstrate how Kuder empowers today's youth to create a bright and successful future around the world. After several days of attending and conducting presentations, hosting an exhibit, and conversing with other career development professionals, I think all attendees shared this exact purpose.

The event, held in Honolulu, HI, brought together over 85 school, government, and business professionals from 13 countries. This was a great way for attendees to not only discuss current career development practices and needs within the region, but also learn about innovative strategies to improve lifelong outcomes for youth.

Want to see what strategies Dr. Harris-Bowlsbey and I shared during our presentations? Click the links below to access the PowerPoint® documents. (Pictured rightJoAnn Presentation 1 is Dr. Harris-Bowlsbey during her presentation).

On behalf of Kuder, I want to thank all those who played a role in organizing the APCDA conference and give them kudos on a job well done! We look forward to supporting the continuous development of career guidance throughout the region, as well as in all other regions around world.

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