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Confirming educational plans, transitioning careers, and entering the workforce can be a overwhelming process without formal guidance. Kuder® Coach™, an education and career planning service available by phone and chat, has provided many students and adults in Indiana with the proper guidance needed for preparing for the future. While many received assistance on résumé writing and interviewing, others were provided direction in setting and achieving career goals.

As a market research analyst for Kuder, I conducted several interviews with Kuder Coach participants to gain feedback on their experience. From the interviews, it's evident that this service provides participants with a flexible approach to career guidance based on each individual's unique needs.

Many were pleased by the ease of this virtual form of career guidance, commenting that the coaches made them feel comfortable in explaining their current situation and needs. Kuder coaches were described as “understanding” and “enjoyable” by nearly every individual interviewed. Those interviewed unanimously concluded that they would recommend coaching to others in need of career direction. “I would recommend this to anybody who wants to strive high, and who's really trying to get a career right away,” one participant said.

While conducting the interviews, I was overcome with positive emotions based on what was expressed by each participant. Many were already starting to finalize education plans, participate in job interviews, and even secure jobs.

What else did these participants have to say? Read the outcomes of the research study titled, “Career Coaching Effects on Hope, Confidence, and Maturity: A Qualitative and Quantitative Approach.”

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