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Greetings, Kuder Blog readers! On behalf of the Society for Vocational Psychology, I want to take this opportunity to thank Kuder, Inc. for sponsoring our meeting taking place this week at the American Psychological Association's annual convention in Washington, D.C.

APA includes 54 divisions, which are interest groups organized by members. Some represent subdisciplines of psychology (e.g., experimental, social or clinical) while others focus on topical areas such as aging, ethnic minorities or trauma.

The Society for Vocational Psychology is a section of the Society of Counseling Psychology (also known as Division 17) of the APA. Here's a little background on what we do:

  • We date back to 1946. Dr. Frederic Kuder, along with Dr. Donald Super and others, was a founding member of Division 17, and he served as our second president.
  • Our purpose is to encourage, promote, and facilitate contributions to research, teaching, practice, and public interest in vocational psychology and career counseling and interventions by Division members.
  • SVP is committed to promoting quality research and practice of vocational psychology and career counseling. We attempt to meet the needs of our members through biennial conferences, public policy advocacy, international connections and collaborations, networking and mentoring opportunities, the formation of subcommittees to address special topics, Listserv discussions, and a variety of other ways.

At this week's meeting, our Society will discuss topics such as a positive psychology approach to vocations, national trends in unemployment, STEM occupations, and workplace mental health, work-life balance, and occupational engagement in higher education.

Kuder has served as an SVP meeting sponsor for many years, and so again, on behalf of our members, thank you for this show of support!

About the Author

Kimberly Howard

Dr. Kimberly Howard is a communications officer for the Society for Vocational Psychology. She is an associate professor of counseling psychology and human development at Boston University, where she also serves as interim associate dean for faculty affairs.


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