Kuder 75 Anniversary
We couldn't have asked for a better 75th anniversary. Celebrations at conference events, sharing our history, and the Ultimate Kuder Fan Contest were just a few of the highlights that occurred throughout the year.  One of our most memorable activities took place on our 75th anniversary website, where current Kuder supporters had the opportunity to submit a congratulatory note or testimonial about Kuder for the chance to win $750.

With all of the great testimonial submissions, we couldn't just randomly select one winner, so instead, we chose two! The first place winner will receive $750 and the second place winner will receive $250.

First Place Winner

“The fact that Kuder has been in place for 75 years shows the quality of the instrument (and the expanded career development system) designed to meet the career assessment needs of students. One key factor has been constant quality review and enhancement of the instrument and system to ensure validity and reliability to both the user and the students being assessed.”

Dr. Bob Couch, director of career and technical education, District Five of Lexington and Richland Counties, 

Chapin, South Carolina

Second Place Winner

“As a former elementary school counselor of 12 years, last year was the first year I used the Kuder® Galaxy program with my students to meet their early career development needs. I was delighted to see a web-based program being offered to this often forgotten developmental age group. Infusing career development into the elementary curriculum was simple and seamless with Kuder Galaxy. The students loved the interactive graphics, games, and videos included in this program.

Kudos to Kuder for being the pioneer in creating a true, life-span focused, career development program for ALL ages. As a new assistant professor of counseling, I also teach the “Career Development in the Schools” course to my graduate school counseling students. As part of this course, students learn about, explore, and critique several web-based career development programs. Galaxy, Kuder® Navigator, and Kuder® Journeytruly shine out among the rest. Students are amazed and inspired at the extensive content, user friendliness, and overall comprehensiveness of these three vital programs.”

Julie Cerrito, assistant professor, The University of Scranton, Scranton, Pennsylvania

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