While hundreds of career and technical education (CTE) professionals gathered at the keynotes, policy meetings, and workshops at the ACTE 2016 CareerTech VISION conference in Las Vegas, Kuder learned about many hot topics in CTE straight from the attendees. Here are our top 5:

  1. CTE programs require strong student support mechanisms. Whether your school offers a wide selection of CTE graduation pathways, or just a few classes, for some students, it can be challenging to figure out which option is right for them until they're in the classroom. By that time, they may be struggling or disinterested in the material. That's why students need support along the way from dedicated school guidance counselors and parents alike.
  2. CTE helps students gain employability skills by improving critical thinking and responsibility. The soft skills and technical skills students learn through CTE are transferable to postsecondary education and life. 
  3. CTE prompts students to plan for future education. High school experiential learning opportunities and internships provide students with an outlet to explore their interests and make informed choices on appropriate future training and college major options.
  4. CTE sparks students' excitement about the future. Without student engagement, career development isn’t possible. Getting students excited about the future begins with getting them excited about learning.
  5. CTE sets students up for success. CTE programs foster students' awareness, preparation, achievement, and completion. College- and career-ready students are in a better position to finish their degree and enter the workforce without facing debilitating student loan debt caused by major or career indecision. 

If you're involved in a CTE program, know that CTE prepares students for high-wage, high-demand careers and plays a vital role in economic development. And if you stopped by Kuder's booth or attended our presentation, you know the Kuder Career Planning System® provides a comprehensive platform on which students plan for current and future education and a prepare for a satisfying career. This CTE teacher from Alabama described it well when she stopped by our booth:

The Kuder concept and service transforms student direction as they see firsthand how their interest[s] and skills link them to the future careers best for them. My students benefit from this program and successfully prepare their four-year plans, which leads them along the career pathway to success!

For nearly 80 years, our core focus has been career guidance for all ages, but we understand that this is just one of many critical responsibilities of CTE professionals and guidance administrators. To find out how a partner like Kuder can significantly impact the success of your CTE program, sign up to visit with one of our representatives.


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