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We kicked off 2017 with ideas to inspire great conversations between career development practitioners and clients. Throughout the year, we shared insights, advice, and inspiration for lifelong learners; we advocated for CTE and delved into the economic impact of career guidance; and more. We end by looking back at our favorite posts from each month in 2017. Enjoy!

Kuder Career Counselors

Career Counselors & Advisors: Get Your Clients Off to a Great Start

Jump-start your clients’ year by igniting their fire and fueling their desire for success.

Kuder Do What you Love

Being Mindful When it Comes to Doing What You Love

Recent grads: Are we blinded by love or love blind when it comes to pursuing our passion?

Kuder School-to-work

4 Ways My School-to-Work Program is Making Me Future Ready

Kuder's School-to-Work intern shares how this unique experience has given her a better understanding of herself and the direction she'd like to take after college.

Supporting Students

Supporting Students' Career Aspirations

Applying effective listening and reflecting techniques, providing concrete career guidance, and developing career action plans are the key to support students' career development.

Kuder Encouraging Students

Encouraging Students to Dream Big, Plan Accordingly Spurs Economic Development

Kuder President & CEO Phil Harrington shares his perspective on the importance of Career & Technical Education (CTE). 

Kuder Selfie

Put Your Best Selfie Forward

Need a headshot, but don't have the time or money for a professional photographer? We've got the DIY how-to.

Kuder Career Rut

I'm In a Career Rut. I hate my job. What should I do?

Changing careers is a big decision, but if it’s time for you to move on, these tips will help make this transition a smooth one.

Kuder Career Fair Tips

Students: 7 Career Fair Tips You Need to Succeed

We've compiled an infographic to make sure students are *extra* ready to ace their next career fair.

Kuder Economic Benefit

Exploring the Economic Implications of Career Guidance

How do you estimate the economic impact of formal career guidance in schools?

Kuder Career Planning

How do YOU make Career Planning Fun for Students?

No matter the educational setting or learning environment in which you teach – from the traditional classroom, to online, to home school – we want to hear from you!

Kuder Intern

I'm graduating college in 3 years. Here's how. 

A former Kuder interns shares how she's on track to earn her bachelor's degree in three years.

Kuder Career Goals

Your Personal End-of-Year Review

As you wrap up your year, it's a good time for personal reflection, which starts with asking yourself some questions and answering honestly – meaning that you should answer the following questions with real answers and not what you think others want to hear.

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