Holiday Gift

From practical to quirky, these gift ideas will help you check everyone off your list this year (and maybe discover a few treasures for yourself, too!).

Books for Kids from One to 92

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less | $18
To say “yes” to the right thing, at the right time, in the right way, you’ve got to be good at saying “no.” Essentialism is an antidote to the stress and knee-jerk compulsion to “do everything,” and is a great read for anyone wanting to regain control of their well-being and happiness in 2019. Buy it now.

Mary Poppins: 80th Anniversary Collection | $19
The story of Mary Poppins has captured the hearts and imaginations of adults and children all over the world. This collection of stories includes the first four tales by P. L. Travers: Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins Comes Back, Mary Poppins Opens the Door, and Mary Poppins in the Park and makes a lovely gift for fans new and old. Buy it now.

Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg | $15
This fun and thoughtful book recounts the progression of Ginsburg’s legal career. Its back cover describes it best: An original hybrid of reported narrative, annotated dissents, rare archival photos and documents, and illustrations, the book tells a never-before-told story of an unusual and transformative woman who transcends generational divides. As the country struggles with the unfinished business of gender equality and civil rights, Ginsburg stands as a testament to how far we can come with a little chutzpah. Buy it now.

This is How We Do it: One Day in the Lives of Seven Kids from around the World | $16
Perfect for students in Kindergarten through third grade, this illustrated take on what seven real kids from different countries do in a typical day covers an array of topics — family, teachers, chores, meals, hobbies, and more. Each topic showcases one child, identified by country, and “need to know” words are underlined and included in a glossary to expand readers’ vocabulary. Buy it now.


Gifts and Gadgets to Bring Good Tidings 

Adjustable Wood Desktop Organizer | $33
Chances are high someone in your life spends 40 hours a week (or more!) at a desk. Help them clear clutter and focus on bigger tasks with this easy-to-assemble, adjustable space-saver — perfect for storing books, organizing office supplies, or showing off keepsakes.  Buy it now.
Auto-Measure Spice Dispenser | $30
Perfect for all chefs — from the self-proclaimed to the professional — this compact spice carousel makes it a little easier to get a great meal on the table. Buy it now.
Petcube Play | $149
Ever wonder what your pets are up to while you’re at school or work? Find out with Petcube Play, a Wi-Fi pet camera with a built-in laser toy. Ideal for any animal lover in your life! Buy it now.
Sunrise Alarm Clock | $30
Students and working adults alike need to rise and shine! This digital LED clock features six nature sounds, a gradual wake-up light, sunset simulation, varying brightness levels, and an alarm to wake even the heaviest of sleepers. Give the gift of starting the day on a positive note! Buy it now.


Inspiring Items to Make Days Merry and Bright

A Jar of Smiles | $25
Everyone could use a little cheerful motivation from time to time, and this gift provides just that! Jars contain one month’s worth of quotations related to laughter, motivation, success, and more, and help recipients feel unstoppable as they reach for their goals. Buy it now.

Kiwi Crate | $60
For just $60 you can give the gift of learning — for three months! The budding artists in your life will love receiving their crates filled with age-appropriate, kid-tested and approved activities designed to ignite the imagination. Even better? There is a “sibling add-on” option available for under ten dollars! Buy it now.

Literary Coloring Books | $10
Coloring books are a great way to unwind and exercise a different part of your brain than you use while concentrating in class or at work. While you can find coloring books on most any topic, we recommend those with a literary spin such as She Said It Best: Jane Austen Wit and Wisdom. Buy it now.

This Will Be My Year: 2019 12-Month Planner | $32
Help your loved ones set and reach their goals with this planner sure to cover all their scheduling needs. This Will Be My Year features double-sided pocket pages, color-coded month labels, and a durable spiral bind. Buy it now.

Gift Ideas

Happy holidays to you and yours!

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