Kuder Blog Roundup 2019

The Kuder Blog is a place for career development stakeholders to share insights, information, and tips. We love connecting with those who share our vision to help people discover and achieve what they want to be. Throughout 2019, we offered up advice and inspiration on a variety of career development topics. We posted best practices, lesson plans, and more. In August, the Kuder Blog received the APEX Award for Publication Excellence. Being selected for this award encourages us to raise the bar for our readers in 2020. Thanks so much for being a part of our growing community. Let's end the year by looking back at our most popular posts from 2019. Enjoy!

Mentor and Mentee

Have you thanked your Mentor today?

Why should you be grateful for your mentor? Let's count the ways ...

Student Resume

An Expert's Tips for Student Resumes

A certified master resume writer shares her best tips for student resumes.

Financial Literacy Lesson Plans

Financial Literacy Lesson Plans, Activities & Resources

Here are some ways to get students more money-aware.

Parents and Students Ask the Question What is an Aptitude Test?

Ask the Kuder Coach: Is an aptitude test a good way to narrow down career options?

A good place to explore that question is with another question: What are aptitudes?

Teaching Career Development With a Lesson Plan

Downloadable Lesson Plan: Why Should Students Plan for the Future?

This free career planning lesson plan for middle and high school students includes a downloadable PowerPoint® presentation, activity, and handout.

Teaching Career Development with a Lesson Plan

4 reasons why a daily meditation practice should be part of your career plan.

The more mindful you are about your career choices, the more likely you are to find fulfillment in all areas of your life.

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Amy Khokhar serves as editor of the Kuder Blog. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Colby College and is a National Career Development Association Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) and Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP).

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