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We mean it when we say nothing could make us happier than delivering top-tier customer service. After all, we wouldn't have been around for over 75 years if it weren’t for our clients.

Kuder has a genuine passion to help others see what they can be, but this is especially true for the Kuder client engagement team. We love hearing about our clients' success, whether through a quick phone call, email, chat, or testimonial and best practice submission.

On the other end of the phone and sitting behind the computer assisting users is the devoted and passionate Kuder client engagement team, of which I'm a part. Because fall is typically our busiest season, we wanted to be sure we share all of our secrets in hopes that you'll be more likely to reach out to us for assistance.

Here are five things you may not know about Kuder client engagement:

  1. We are trained in career development.
    What does this mean, exactly? Not only do we uphold standard career development ethics, policies, and practices, but we have certified knowledge in the following competencies: helping skills, labor market information and resources, assessment, diverse populations, ethical and legal issues, career development models, employability skills, training clients and peers, program management/implementation, promotion and public relations, technology, and consultation. Most of us gained this knowledge through Career Development Facilitator or Kuder Career Advisor Training®.
  2. We do more than just support – we explain.
    Our support team can do more than just help people locate their activation codes, register a mass amount of users, or provide technology tips. We provide over-the phone-assistance on just about anything! Whether you and your colleagues need help getting started, implementing best practices, or learning how to use the variety of system tools and resources, our team has you covered.
  3. We really get you.
    I put this on the list because my background is similar to a lot of our clients. As a former teacher for over 33 years, I understand what educators, counselors, and administrators experience on a daily basis. We get that your time is limited, you've got a never-ending to do lists, and downtime away from students is virtually unheard of. It's because of my experiences, along with those of my team members that have worked with workforce professionals and businesses, that I feel confident that we really understand your needs. For these reasons, we provide users with flexible support through a variety of methods.
  4. We offer resources that are available 24/7/365.
    Yep, it's true. Even if you need us at 3:00 a.m., we're here for you. In addition to offering support via phone and chat Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (CT), clients can log in to their administrative database to access Kuder® University™, an online library of webinars and tutorials, anytime and anywhere.
  5. We serve clients around the world.
    Because we are a global provider of education and career guidance solutions, we find it important to have knowledge about the various languages spoken around the world. Besides English, some members of our team are fluent or conversant in Azerbaijani, Russian, and Spanish.


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