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For the second year in a row, Kuder has been awarded a Top Workplaces honor by The Des Moines Register! The award is based solely on results of employee feedback surveys. From A-Z, here are quotes from our survey showing the wide range of reasons why employees continue to make Kuder a Top Workplace!

Kuder is…


“Kuder president and CEO Phil Harrington is very approachable and a kind-hearted person. He really cares about everyone here, as a result, employees have a great affinity to Kuder and a passion for what the company does and stands for.


“To promote work-life balance, I have flexible work hours and a 38.5 hour work week.”


“Kuder doesn’t shy away from making tough decisions and asking difficult questions when necessary.”


“Kuder has a plan to grow our business both domestically and internationally, and it’s an exciting time for us! Phil Harrington is at the helm of a team of smart, driven, and effective business leaders.”


“I value and appreciate Kuder’s significant role in shaping me as a leader. I feel challenged and encouraged to take the next step toward something better, and to improving my skills.”


“My coworkers are positive, genuine, and down-to-earth. They ask how I am doing and take the time to talk to me about both work and home life.”


“Phil Harrington is, hands down, the most generous person I have ever worked with. It is fulfilling to work for a company led by someone dedicated to helping others.”


“Everyone here shows integrity while working with and helping others — in the office as well as customers.”


“Phil Harrington, our president and CEO, strongly encourages different points of view. At a company-wide event earlier this year, he announced a formal communication tool (a suggestion/idea box) for associates to share ideas.”


“Fun events often take place to celebrate wins or important milestones. It’s this feeling of appreciation that makes me want to stay with Kuder for a long time.”


“[The company’s] strong family values have remained consistent throughout my time here.”


“Working here, I feel like I am leading a life of influence. Kuder’s focus of helping people, young and old alike, create positive paths to bright futures is a worthy one.”


“Our work makes a positive difference. I feel like I am helping people all over the world.”


“I like that Kuder isn’t afraid to quickly adjust its approach as we grow and expand.”


“Our leadership team is open with all employees regarding what is needed to achieve companywide goals. Individual teams or departments share ideas, resources, and strategies so that we all can work as a collaborative single team.”


“Employees are supported to move forward in their own careers through job-related education and experiences, as well as opportunities to attend conferences, professional meet-ups, various types of training (online, field, etc.), and more. I feel encouraged to grow professionally and apply what I’m learning to my everyday job.”


“The fun things we do throughout the year — such as dressing up for Halloween, the March Madness NCAA pool, gathering everyone together for a few rounds of Box of Lies, and our Ugly Holiday Sweater party — make all the hard work and sometimes stressful projects worthwhile.”


“We’re dedicated to helping people plan their futures while offering prices reasonable enough for all to afford.”


“At the end of the day, getting to see how Kuder is touches the lives of students is very rewarding. I believe that what we do here is truly making an impact and difference in the world.”


“I feel trusted and supported. And that has helped me to perform at my best.”


“Everyone is truly unified in moving toward reaching goals. A strength of Kuder is that all departments work together as a team.”


“Kuder’s company vision is ‘To help people discover and achieve what they want to be.’ We give students and adults worldwide a chance to see what’s out there and that gives them hope for the future.”


“From Adel, Iowa, I am helping people all around the world! I get to do what I love and, at the same, time, be part of a company that’s making a difference in lives everywhere.”

Xenodochial (friendly)

“It feels like family here; a home away from home. The strong family values and company culture have remained consistent throughout my time at Kuder.”


“We’re constantly finding ways to make work enjoyable and to reward employees when goals are hit. The feeling of appreciation makes me want to stay with Kuder.”


“Kuder president and CEO, Phil Harrington, brings a contagious positive energy to the office each day. The man is always in a good mood!”

So, what does this mean for you — our valued partners, clients, and friends?

We hope this second Top Workplace recognition confirms what you already know: The people who work at Kuder are here for the right reasons, we love what we do, we believe in Kuder's vision and mission, and we know the products and services we offer make a real difference in the lives of people all over the world, including you!

Thank you for the important role you play in making it such a pleasure to work here.

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Stephanie Sherrod

Stephanie Sherrod is a marketing manager for Kuder. Before joining the company in 2015, she spent 15 years as a consultant, writer, and editor for organizations in varying industries, including a major textbook publisher in Chicago, Illinois. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Io ... read more

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