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I had the opportunity to travel to Kigali, Rwanda in May, where I spent a week traveling throughout the country interviewing approximately 70 Rwandans about their experiences with the Rwanda Career Planning System, powered by Kuder® (RCPS). 

The RCPS is playing a role in helping transform Rwanda from an agrarian economy to a knowledge-based economy, and is a great example of how a customized online career planning system from Kuder that supports innovative approaches in workforce development can bring about change in nations facing serious economic challenges.

And while all of this is impressive in the abstract, we wanted to get up close and personal with Rwandans in order to hear the real-life stories behind the RCPS. We thought one-on-one interviews would give us the opportunity to connect with system users, to hear their perspectives, and to discover new ways to support their success. And we were right.

Everyone I met and interviewed was extremely kind, interesting, and fun to talk to. They were all so positive, excited about the video project, and had great things to say about Kuder, what we've helped them achieve, and their hopes for the future.

At Kuder, we often hear that we positively impact people around the world. I always thought I believed it, but in hindsight, I don’t know if I really got it until I sat down with RCPS users. 

What I learned in Rwanda is that our clients — especially students — are genuinely grateful for what Kuder provides. The people I interviewed couldn’t have given more heartfelt, profound, sincere responses to my questions. Their gratitude was so genuine and, at times, overwhelming.

Traveling to Rwanda proved to me that Kuder truly makes a difference in people's lives. I think you’ll agree when you watch the interviews in the video below, which is the first of several to come as a result of my trip.


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