Dr. Spencer Niles, senior vice president of research for Kuder, will deliver a keynote address at the Asia Pacific Career Development Association (APCDA) conference taking place next week in Taipei Taiwan.

Dr. Niles will discuss the Action-Oriented Hope-Centered Model of Career Development (HCMCD), which he developed with a team of doctoral students and colleagues at The Pennsylvania State University and the University of British Columbia.

The HCMCD consists of the following seven competencies:

  • Hope indicates the degree of one's hopefulness about one's future.
  • Self-reflection involves examining one's thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and circumstances.
  • Self-clarity involves having a clear understanding about one's important characteristics (e.g., interests, values, skills, motivation, goals).
  • Visioning involves brainstorming future possibilities for one's career and identifying desired future outcomes.
  • Goal Setting and Planning involves the process of crystallizing what one wants to achieve and identifying specific steps to achieve the goals.
  • Implementinginvolves taking action to achieve one's goals.
  • Adapting involves using new information about the self and/or the environment to adjust one's goals and/or plans when necessary.

Click here to learn more about the HCMCD.

The theme for the APCDA conference is “Career Counseling Best Practices in the Asia Pacific Region: Promoting Inclusiveness.” Attendees will include career and school counselors, counselor educators, workforce development professionals, human resource professionals, and career development practitioners from across Asia.

Other keynote speakers include Dr. Y. Barry Chung, a professor at Indiana University, and Dr. Shuh-Ren Jin, a professor at Macau University.

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