Idaho Division of CTE Selects Kuder for Middle School Pilot Program

The Idaho Division of Career Technical Education (IDCTE) has incorporated Kuder Navigator® in a pilot program designed to support middle school students’ self-evaluation, career evaluation, and future planning.

The Idaho legislature extended career and technical education to the seventh and eighth grades in 2018. During the 2018-2019 school year, teams of educators from 10 middle schools across the state came together to build standards, make recommendations about assessment and endorsement, and identify teacher/student resources. Their work, focused on career development, served as a foundation for program standards known as “First Steps: Understanding the World of Work through Career and Technical Education.”

Resources in Kuder Navigator support students’ self-evaluation, career exploration, and future planning.

Kuder Navigator provides student and teacher resources that align to the First Steps standards of career development; self-evaluation, career exploration, and future planning.

As an all-in-one online education and career planning system, the award-winning Navigator helps students visualize – and strategize – their futures. In 20 minutes or less, students complete three research-based career assessments to discover personal interests, skills confidence, and work values. Guided by their personalized results, students can view occupations and majors, research colleges, access financial aid and scholarship information, build multi-year academic course plans, set goals, and more.

According to Jenni Bradford, a licensed professional counselor who serves as senior program quality manager for IDCTE, counselors, teachers, and administrators piloting the First Steps standards believe the tools in Navigator help provide students with a meaningful career development experience, as the system guides students to develop portfolios and high school learning plans, reflect, and make informed decisions before they transition to high school and postsecondary education.

Jenni Bradford, senior program quality manager at IDCTE

“Kuder stood out, first, because of their customer service. Kuder stepped up to partner with middle schools in Idaho piloting the expansion of CTE during a pandemic!”

Jenni Bradford, LPC
Senior Program Quality Manager
Idaho Division of Career Technical Education

Kuder is very excited to be an integral part of this pilot program for Idaho. With our singular focus on successful career development and a special interest in CTE, we were especially drawn to the key initiatives of the First Steps Pilot program and look forward to making a positive impact on career development milestones for Idaho’s middle school students. The First Steps program is anticipated to be fully implemented in the 2021-2022 academic year.

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