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The Iowa Department of Education (IDOE) has selected Kuder Navigator® as the state’s designated career information and decision-making system (CIS) through June 30, 2020.

Through a competitive bidding process, the IDOE identified Navigator as the platform best-suited to ensure all Iowa school districts meet state career and technical education (CTE) standards as adopted by the State Board of Education (SBE) and outlined in 281 – Iowa Administrative Code Rule 49.6(2).

“Kuder is extremely pleased and honored to have been selected as Iowa’s designated career information provider,” said Phil Harrington, Kuder president and CEO. “As an Iowa-based company, we're looking forward to providing continued service to Iowa’s students and school districts, and to helping young people across our home state see what they can be.”

Meet Federal ESSA Requirements with Kuder

On Jan. 6, the Iowa Department of Education (IDOE) released its proposed strategies and tactics to meet Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requirements. 

The adoption of ESSA shifted control from the federal government to individual states, thus requiring departments of education nationwide to develop unique accountability systems and performance standards. The IDOE’s proposed plan outlines a multitude of college and career education and readiness objectives, including:

  • Exposing middle and high school students to effective career exploration and development education and activities.
  • Promoting business interactions with schools, students, and career exploration programs (e.g., tours, visits, career exploration, how to prepare for the workforce).
  • Implementing strategies and uses of funds designed to ensure that all children have the opportunity to meet career and technical standards.
  • Retaining effective teachers by providing enhanced career and professional development opportunities.
  • Aligning to state-specific initiatives designed to build Iowa’s talent pipeline and ensure all citizens have access to essential career education and training.

As Iowa’s designated career information and decision-making system, Kuder is uniquely qualified to help the IDOE meet and exceed ESSA requirements by providing research-based assessments, scalable and customizable career and education information, a variety of professional development and training opportunities, and more. 

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