Kuder Galaxy Lesson PlansKuder Galaxy now includes downloadable lesson plans for teachers and school counselors to use with groups of students to enhance their use of the system.

Galaxy is centered on the Holland theory of vocational choice, setting the stage for exploration with space stations from which students launch into Planets (each representing a Holland work environment: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional).

Use lesson plans to prep students before they explore careers, then review what they've learned.

Lessons are currently available for each of Galaxy's six Planets for grades 2-5:

  • Pre-launch lessons, which are 10-12 minutes in length, include an introductory lesson and activity to prep young students by helping them understand the reasons for visiting all of the planets before they get started in the system.
  • Post-launch lessons, which are 10-30 minutes in length, are administered after students have visited the planets. They’re designed to reinforce learning through discussion questions, activities, and/or worksheets.

Lesson plan objectives vary by grade.

Sample objectives for second graders:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of each work environment and related careers.
  • Identify a range of jobs available in the community and the larger working world.
  • Describe different kinds of tools people use at work.
  • Understand the importance of cross-functional skills.
  • Name a skill that is important to all workers

Sample objectives for fifth graders:

  • Name and describe six ways to learn more about occupations that interest them: job shadowing, internships, informational interviews, volunteering and service learning, taking leadership roles, and library and online research.
  • Identify and evaluate resources for learning about occupations and job opportunities.
  • Reflect on and begin to express their own work-related interests and preferences and how that might affect their career choices.

Lesson plans for Grade 1 will be available soon. To learn more about Galaxy, contact info@kuder.com.

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