Kuder Helps the Philippines Dream Big, Plan Accordingly

Kuder and our business development partner in the Philippines, SFI CareerCenter, a member of SFI Group of Companies, held a forum in Quezon City on March 20 to announce the launch of an initiative to develop a framework for an effective career planning system for the Republic.

A plan to improve employability and career readiness for all Filipinos.

Kuder and SFi CareerCenter are working together to implement a full-scale, national career development strategy to address the following needs and concerns of human capital development stakeholders:

  • The need for professionally trained and competent career practitioners and advocates in delivering evidence-based career services to individuals, groups, and organizations.
  • The need for proper dissemination and utilization of career and labor market information among the labor force (including students, trainees, the employed, and the unemployed).
  • The need to align and develop educational curriculum to be responsive to the needs of industries.
  • The need to strengthen linkages among key government agencies in spearheading the creation and implementation of career and workforce development policies and programs.

The forum addressed that there is an immediate need to recognize that the Philippines lacks the types of basic career guidance services that are currently required by law.

According to SFI President and CEO Luis Alberto Anastacio, who spoke at the event, based on available data, there is a shortage of approximately 52,000 Registered Guidance Counselors (RCGs) in the Philippines.

The goal is to leverage the Kuder Career Advisor Training® professional development curriculum to develop both licensed and non-licensed career practitioners as well as career advocates (e.g., parents and teachers) to assist the country’s trained career counselors in delivering relevant and responsive career development interventions.

In tandem with this new cohort of career practitioners and advocates, the Kuder Career Planning System® (KCPS) will become a central career planning resource for guiding students, trainees, employed, and unemployed in utilizing career and labor market information for effective career decision making.

Currently, SFI CareerCenter locations throughout the Philippines provide clients with access to the KCPS.

Kuder and SFI is working to provide a pilot program to support the various career guidance needs of the different agencies participating in the national Career Guidance Advocacy Program (CDAP).

“Our common goal and shared vision with SFI is to help ensure that all Filipino youth have the opportunity to dream big, and plan accordingly,” said Bailey Rowell, vice president of international business development for Kuder.

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