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In the article "Comparing Web‐Based and Traditional Career Interventions With Elementary Students: An Experimental Study," published in the December 2018 issue of The Career Development Quarterly (CDQ)the authors compared a web‐based career guidance intervention with a traditional career guidance intervention by measuring the effects each one has on the career development progression of 4th‐ and 5th‐grade students. The web-based platform selected by the authors (Drs. Julie Cerrito, Jerry Trusty, and Richard Joseph Behun) was our very own Kuder Galaxy®.

The authors reported that "online learning systems may offer unique benefits when combined with traditional classroom instruction," and that, due to "demands placed on school counselors ... web-based career guidance programs are often student initiated, thus saving school counselors valuable time."

The authors concluded, "children are affected by the kinds of career interventions schools use. Through these interventions, children can discover untapped skills, abilities, and interests that translate into being future career ready. Our results suggest that web-based career interventions may serve as a useful medium for allowing this growth and exploration to occur." 1

When asked about the study, Dr. Cerrito remarked that researchers and theorists agree that career awareness begins in childhood, but there is very little literature indicating how career development can and should be addressed with young learners. "We are incredibly excited to offer some new insights on the use of web-based career interventions for elementary school children," she said. "We hope our research sheds some light on how school counselors and educators can approach their jobs, perhaps more effectively and inclusively, as they meet the contemporary career needs of children and the increasing demands of national and state standards.”

About The Career Development Quarterly

The Career Development Quarterly is the official journal of the National Career Development Association (NCDA). The purpose of the journal is to foster career development through the design and use of career interventions and publish articles on career counseling, individual and organizational career development, work and leisure, career education, career coaching, and career management.

1Cerrito, J.A, Trusty, J., & Behun, R.J. (2018). Comparing Web‐Based and Traditional Career Interventions With Elementary Students: An Experimental Study. The Career Development Quarterly, 295-297. Retrieved from https://doi.org/10.1002/cdq.12151

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