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Kuder is proud to take part in celebrating and recognizing the great achievements in career development through the Career Pathways Partnership Excellence Award, which was established by the National Career Pathways Network (NCPN) to emphasize the importance of career guidance and advising, professional development for educators and employers, and the employer role in providing work-based learning opportunities for students.

As the sponsor of the award, Kuder looks forward to honoring this year's winners at the 2014 NCPN conference in Orlando, FL. Below is some information about this year's award recipients. Read more about them and their accomplishments here.

2014 Winners

FIRST PLACE: Moraine Area Career System/Moraine Valley Community College

The goal of the Information Technology Dual-Credit Program is to provide students with the opportunity to take classes at both the high school and community college that will lead to employment in the Information Technology workforce. These jobs vary from computer repair technicians, help desk professionals, cyber security specialists, VOIP specialists, network administrators, wireless and mobile devices support specialists, and support professionals for data center and virtual computing centers.

The career pathways program consists of Moraine Valley Community College (MVCC) and its partner high schools: Argo, Reavis, Richards, Shepard, Eisenhower, Stagg, Sandburg, Andrew, and Oak Lawn.

Read complete details about MVCC's career program on the NCPN website. Learn more about MVCC at or connect with them on Twitter using @morainevalley.

SECOND PLACE: Alamo Area Academies Inc. and Lockheed Martin

The Alamo Academies is a national STEM-based instructional model operated by the Alamo Area Academies Inc., a non-profit organization, in partnership with industry, the Alamo Colleges, area high schools, chambers of commerce, multiple cities and community organizations.

The goal of the Academies is to provide America's at-risk youth with tuition-free career pathways into critical demand technical STEM occupations. The process is triggered by industry engagement when they set target enrollment levels based on projected/quantifiable workforce demand. This is followed by a collaborative process identifying the curriculum pathway, recruitment, matriculation, industry certifications and support systems utilizing a dual credit career academy model that allows students to complete high school and college graduation requirements in one of the demand occupations (Aerospace, Advanced Manufacturing, IT & Security, Nursing and Heavy Equipment).

Read complete details about their partnership on the NCPN website. Learn more about them at and

THIRD PLACE: Heritage High School Governor's STEM Academy and Newport News Shipbuilding Career Pathways

The Heritage High School (HHS) Governor's STEM Academy offers a program of study designed to expand options for students to acquire skills in STEM. The program combines academic coursework and research experience with a challenging and focused school environment to prepare students for 21st century careers. One of the career pathways within the Academy is Engineering and Technology. Students studying this pathway take courses that include Engineering Explorations, Engineering Studies, Electronics Systems Technology I & II, and Technical Drawing and Design. Curriculum is adopted from the Career & Technical Education (CTE) State Framework and evaluated and monitored by members of the school's administrative staff and Advisory Council. In addition to courses in STEM, students receive a foundation in English, Social Studies, and Health and Physical Education, and have the opportunity to study Arts and World Languages.

Read complete details about the innovation behind this career program on the NCPN website. Learn more about HHS and Newport News Shipbuilding at and Connect with them on Twitter at @HeritageHS and @HIIndustries.

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