Texas Graduation Rates

Ryan McGrew, Dr. Maureen Kilkenny, and Rich Gates have completed a study that investigates the use of Kuder Navigator® in 48 Texas high schools. The study shows the significant impact of using Navigator over time and its positive impact on graduation rates and return on investment in terms of its current and potential long-term impact. 

Kuder Navigator and Texas High School Graduation Rates follows research that has previously been conducted on the online career planning system, which is designed to help secondary-level students visualize their futures and make the plans to get there.

Highlights of the study include:

  • A consistent and robust relationship between extended Navigator use and improvements in Texas high school graduation rates.
  • Four years of Navigator use improves graduate rates by approximately 2% (this percentage equates to thousands of students statewide).

Texas Outcome Study

Download Kuder Navigator and Texas High School Graduation Rates study.

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