We’re excited to share a video we recorded during a recent visit to Oklahoma, where the statewide Oklahoma Career Guide, powered by Kuder® is made available by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education (ODCTE) as a free online resource for all Oklahomans to explore and guide their future.

Helping students identify — and reach — their dreams.

During our first stop in Stillwater, OK, we met with Kelly Arrington of the ODCTE, which provides leadership, resources, and ensures standards of excellence for a comprehensive statewide system of career and technology education.

“There are great young people out there ready to go to work, ready to be successful, and we get to help with that," said Arrington. "We get to help lay out the path on how they reach their dreams.”

Building students' self-awareness and self-confidence.

When we sat down with Lindsay Vallaster, assistant director of career services for Oklahoma State University, she noted that the OK Career Guide gives college students "so much more confidence." Vallaster observed that after students complete the system's work values assessment, "They have a purpose — and so much of our identity is wrapped up into our purpose, and so by using the OK Career Guide, they're able to put language to what makes them unique.”

Micah Willeford, a counselor for Moore Public Schools, shared the story of a high school senior who was struggling academically, but who turned things around with the help of the career guidance he received through the OK Career Guide. Willeford remarked that she was delighted "to see his face when he received that diploma, and to hear his story when he told me, 'I got into the tech school! I got into the program I wanted!’"

Dominick Resler, a student at Meridian Technology Center, said, "One of the most important things in life is learning what you, yourself like to do. And if you learn at an early age what you like to do, you can become unstoppable, because once you know who you are and what you want to do, why would you stop working at it?"

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