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Kuder, Inc. Research Associate Dr. Jerry Trusty has completed a study that focuses on the match between students Kuder Career Search with Person Match (KCS) cluster results and their selected majors at a public research university in greater Miami, Florida, and if this degree of match – termed congruence between interests and major – is related to students academic outcomes in terms of GPA.

Notable findings include:

  • Students whose majors were congruent with their interests had higher GPAs. Specifically, if the students' majors matched any one of their top three ranked KCS interest clusters, GPA was significantly higher.
  • For incoming freshmen, those who took the KCS had higher cumulative GPAs in their third semester (.136 higher than students who did not take the KCS). For transfer students, those who took the KCS had slightly lower GPAs in their third semester (.078 difference).

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