Students, teachers, and career advisors at the all-female ADNOC Schools campus in Abu Dhabi are leading the way in piloting the Abu Dhabi Education Council Career Planning System, powered by Kuder® (ADECCPS), an online platform designed support students' aspirations and decisions about educational and career pathways.

In 2014, the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) selected Kuder and the Abu Dhabi-based Centre of Excellence for Applied Research and Training (CERT) to provide comprehensive career guidance services in alignment with the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030. 

The ADNOC Schools was one of 10 private schools in Abu Dhabi chosen to participate in a pilot of the ADECCPS, a system designed to help students discover more about career interests in and work-place values and, ultimately, find sustainable and meaningful work.

Prior to the launch of the ADECCPS and students gaining access the system, ADNOC School's Ms. Maya Cheaib completed Kuder Career Advisor Training® (CAT), an internationally accredited professional development program, in March 2015. 

Through CAT, Cheaib gained a full understanding of information available within the ADECCPS. CAT also provided Ms. Cheaib an opportunity to fine-tune skills and knowledge needed to deliver outstanding career exploration, career decision-making, job seeking, and job placement services to the students she advises each day.

"Choosing a career and corresponding field-of-study is a tremendous decision to a high-school student," said Cheaib. "CAT allowed me to better help my students narrow down choices that were best-suited to their interests, capacities, and capabilities."

"Kuder provides evidence-based assessments that are very efficient and helpful in providing insights to students," said Cheaib. "Kuder and the Abu Dhabi Education Council Career Planning System provide a great deal of support to students at the ADNOC School as they find out and achieve what they want to be."

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