Kuder, Inc. Research Associate Dr. Jerry Trusty has completed a white paper that shares insights from the Kuder® Career Needs Assessment™, which was administered to multiple stakeholder groups in a developing country in Africa: secondary school students, parents, teachers, school administrators, and community partners.

The white paper lists the following benefits from the needs assessments:

  • Needs assessments provided a firm, valid basis for building the career guidance system for this country in Africa. That is, the system was built around local students' needs, as indicated by students, their teachers and school administrators, their parents, and their potential employers.
  • Needs assessment results are baseline data that become part of program development and program evaluation. The needs assessments will be re-administered at appropriate points to gauge the extent to which needs were met.
  • For this country in particular, the needs assessments generated interest in and an understanding of the importance of the Kuder Career Planning System®, thereby encouraging high usage levels by students.
  • Needs assessments have encouraged wide ownership of the career guidance system by the officials and citizens of in the country.

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