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As director of coach services for Kuder, clients often ask, “How do I improve my career prospects?” Whether you're an adult looking to change jobs or make the most of the one you’ve got, in honor of National Career Development Month, here are some productive career development habits to consider:

  • Utilize the Kuder Career Planning System® (KCPS). Create an ePortfolio and store documents, certifications, and successes in it. Keep your resume and references current as due diligence to your career portfolio.
  • Create or update your LinkedIn account. Check out our previous blog to help shape up your LinkedIn profile.
  • Do your homework. Read magazines and trade publications relevant to your industry and industries of interest to improve your knowledge and remain a valuable asset in business.
  • Network. Join local organizations or volunteer to create and maintain relationships for personal growth as well as for references and insight on education, training, and jobs.
  • Consider whether you need additional education. Check to see what's new in your field and if a degree or certificate will help you excel. Use the Scholarship Search tool in the KCPS to help pay for college by providing pertinent information to the thousands of opportunities in our database.
  • Check your professionalism. What does your online persona share with the world? Are you attending work on time and achieving results? Do you look the part by dressing professionally?
  • Volunteer. If you feel like you're “missing something” even in a satisfactory occupation, find opportunities to make a difference in your community. Your outreach efforts will help people, improve your skills, and look good on your resume.

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If you need support in any of the items above or in job searching, interviewing, prepping, and all-around skill development and education planning, contact us – we can help! Kuder offers career coaching services that can help you land your dream job, find education or training, and improve your confidence.


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