Kuder Navigator: Webinar

Counselors, teachers, career coaches and admins: join us for a quick overview of Kuder Navigator! This webinar will cover:

  • How students can explore careers, options after high school, and financial aid, develop education plans, and prepare for a job search.
  •  Job search tools and resources to build a resume, cover letter, and references.
  • Creating both personal and academic goals.
  • Building and leveraging the system’s shareable portfolio, the e-profile.

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Joe Pittman will be the facilitator for this event. If you have questions regarding this session, please contact him at 800.314.8972 or pittmanj@kuder.com. For all other questions, please contact the Kuder client engagement team at 877.999.6227 or clientengagement@kuder.com.

2021-02-15 13:00:002021-02-15 13:30:00America/ChicagoKuder Navigator: WebinarCounselors, Teachers, Career Coaches & Admins: join us for a quick overview of Kuder Navigator!Joe Pittmanpittmanj@kuder.com
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1:00pm - 1:30pm CST

Joe Pittman (pittmanj@kuder.com)

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